Mastery Approach to Parenting in Sports

Learn to be successful sport parents by watching the Mastery Approach to Parenting in Sports (MAPS), a research-based self-instruction video that is designed to get parents and coaches “on the same page”.

MAPS is designed to guide moms and dads towards ideal behaviors and attitudes for the physical and mental development of their of child-athletes. These qualities not only help youngsters triumph in sports, but also in school and in life.

MAPS is based on more than three decades of scientific research. It is designed to improve relationships between parents-kids-and-coaches, and ensure the healthy benefits of sports. For more information about the authors of this research, the video, and this website, click here.

The MAPS video can be purchased here for as little as 99 cents. However, if you feel like you cannot afford to pay any amount at this time, YESports will provide your family with free access. Just click on the orange ticket below to access the MAPS video for free.