mac_videoHow can coaches increase their effectiveness? In answering this question, Drs. Frank Smoll and Ronald Smith conducted over 25 years of research on coaching behaviors and their effects on young athletes. A sport psychology training program for coaches was developed and tested in this research. This program, the Mastery Approach to Coaching, is the only scientifically validated coaching-education workshop that has been shown to have the following outcomes:

  • Fosters positive coach-athlete relations and greater mutual respect
  • Increases the amount of fun that athletes experience
  • Creates greater team cohesion and a more supportive athletic setting
  • Promotes higher mastery-oriented achievement goals in sports and in school
  • Increases athletes’ self-esteem
  • Reduces performance-destroying anxiety and fear of failure
  • Decreases athlete dropout rates from approximately 30% to 5%
  • Produces equally positive effects on boys and girls teams

In acknowledging its scientific merit, the research was honored as one of the top 100 science-technology contributions in the history of the University of Washington in a volume entitled Pathbreakers: A Century of Excellence in Science & Technology at the University of Washington.

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