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The Mastery Approach to Coaching (MAC) is the only scientifically validated coaching-education program that has been shown to have desirable effects on youngsters’ personal, social, and athletic development. MAC focuses on teaching coaches how to create a mastery climate – a learning environment that emphasizes skill development, achieving personal and team success, giving maximum effort, and having fun.

MAC Content Outline, Part 1 (13 minutes)


  • Sport psychology and its application to coaching young athletes
  • The Mastery Approach to Coaching manual Program objective: teach coaches how to apply leadership principles that create a mastery climate for athletes
  • Objectives of Youth Sports The role of coaches in achieving goals
  • Youth sport objectives and their carry-over value
  • Coaches’ influence on athletes’ total development

Orientation to the Psychology of Coaching

  • Mastery model of coach-athlete interactions
  • Interactive versus command styles of leadership
  • A coaching challenge

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