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Mothers and fathers can learn to be successful sport parents by watching the Mastery Approach to Parenting in Sports (MAPS) – a research-based self-instruction video that is designed to get parents and coaches “on the same page.”

MAPS focuses on teaching parents how to create a mastery climate – a learning environment that emphasizes skill development, achieving personal and team success, giving maximum effort, and having fun.

MAPS Content Outline, Part 1
• Introduction
– The scope of youth sports in the U.S.A.
– Program objective: help parents create a mastery climate that promotes healthy attitudes about achievement in sports and in everyday life
• The Mastery Triangle
– A child-centered orientation that fosters cooperation among parents, coaches, administrators, and sport officials
• Youth Sport Objectives and Values
– Goals of youth sports from the perspectives of parents and young athletes
– Difference between developmental and professional models of sport
– Professionalization” of youth sports

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